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Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: March 2020

As our weather begins to warm around Anna Maria Island so do the water temperatures and fishing along with it! Spring break is upon us and we have been busy; here's what our captains have been catching lately in the waters around Anna Maria Island and in the Gulf of Mexico!

Captain Scott has been targeting nearshore bonita (false albacore tuna) and spanish mackerel every chance he gets as this is one of his favorite times of the year to target these species. Spanish mackerel are beautiful fish and put up a fun fight (kids love them especially) and allow you to fill up the cooler with one of Anna Maria's most sustainable fish. They make for great fish tacos and are even fantastic as sashimi! He has been using 20 lb flouro carbon leader with a 6-8" wire tippet on a size 1/0 hook to target these toothy fish. He has also started to see plenty of bonita move into the area (his favorite sport fish on the fly/light tackle) and this has Captain Scott excited as the fight is super fun and they are absolutely gorgeous. Both of these species will eat both live white bait and artificial lures/flies eagerly.

Captain James has been filling his client's coolers with sheepshead, flounder, and spanish mackerel on both shrimp and white bait around structure, wrecks, and artificial reefs. The sheepshead bite will start to taper off as the water temps continue to warm around Anna Maria and Holmes Beach, but for now the bite has been hot! He calls these delicious fish "convict fish" due to their black and white stripe patterns, and their knack for stealing your bait.

On the inshore gamefish side, Captain Jake has been tearing up some snook and redfish on the flats. He prefers to sightfish for these as it is the most entertaining way to target them and incredibly satisfying when you hook up! He has been using live bait and artificial lures and flies to target them and loves to preach a stealth method in fishing for the snook and redfish. The waters around Anna Maria Island are gin-clear right now and the bite should only continue to heat up as the water temperatures warm.

As you can see, there are many different fishing options and species to target around Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, and Bradenton Beach so why wait? Book your fishing charter at and enjoy one of the most unique and fun activities for both adults and kids alike during your stay on Anna Maria Island!

Tight Lines!

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