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Shark Week: Anna Maria Island Fishing Report

In honor of The Discovery Channel's "Shark Week", there was a lot of shark fishing done in the last week. As a client looking for a fishing charter, what can make your day more than getting pumped up watching shark week and then going out and catching an apex predator on your own!? That was a the story of the week here on Anna Maria Island as most of our days consisted of hitting the water early in the AM in pursuit of lady fish and mackerel which was an easy task drifting the flats while using hatch bait (baby shiners) under a popping cork on a size 6 hook (with 15 lb. leader), or by tossing silver spoons on the artificial side. Once our cooler was full of ladyfish and mackerel, we would ve

3 Easy Steps to Catch More Fish: Fishing Made

Many clients I take out fishing are damaged. What? You read that right: many of the clients I take out fishing are damaged--especially those new to fishing. They think fishing is boring. Having guided out west in Montana and Wyoming for trout on the fly and down here on Anna Maria Island for saltwater species on all types of tackle, I have noticed that most of my clients have one thing in common: they have a memory as a kid of going fishing with their father or grandfather and letting a worm hang under a bobber for hours on end with nothing happening. They sit there and wait for something to happen: a good activity for old men, but not for kids and not for those who want a little bit of exci

The Coolest Fishing Video We've Ever Seen

Ah, mullet: the fish commercial fishermen in the old fishing village of Cortez live for and my personal favorite bait to use for Anna Maria Island fishing. The mullet run along the Florida gulf coast is as much a season in our lives as it is a sight to behold--and this drone video shows us this phenomenlike never before! As these fish begin to ball up and create what we call "blacks" (see the video below and it will make sense), apex predators from all over hone in for their yearly smorgasbord while the mullet fight for their lives to make it out to open sea and spawn. While this video was produced by BlacktipH (they make a lot of great videos so check out their channel on YouTube), it is ve

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