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It doesn't matter whether it's a child's first time cruising alongside dolphins on Anna Maria Island, a gulf sunset shared with good people, or the catch of a lifetime, it's the smiles of others that Captain Scott cherishes most.


Having graduated with a degree in English Literature, Scott has traveled and studied internationally, meeting plenty of amazing people along the way. It's their stories and the laughs shared that defines Scott's passions: constantly learning and making others smile.


Always an avid fisherman, Scott decided to "retire" from the corporate world and chase fish instead.  He started guiding out west during the summers in Montana and Wyoming for trout on fly rods before the siren song of saltwater fishing lured him to Anna Maria Island full-time. The thrill of hooking up to a fish of his own is dwarfed only by the thrill he has helping others land one of their own. But before you think he has it made, keep in mind that he's a Cleveland Browns fan--which accounts for most of his stress these days.


Whether you're looking for a fun and personable captain to enjoy a fun run with or a patient and willing fishing guide to get you on the big one, Scott enjoys it all!



Captain Jake, a Gulf Coast native, embarked on his fishing journey at a young age, reeling in his first redfish at 5 and mastering tarpon at 6. After a six-year stint with the Army Rangers in Savannah, GA, he continued his passion for fishing. Nowadays, he divides his guiding expertise between Louisiana, Anna Maria Island, and Puerto Rico, where he pursues a variety of species primarily on the fly and light-tackle. Additionally, Jake is loves bass fishing, and can often be found fishing phosphate pits and private lakes in his free time.

His insatiable desire for fishing adventures has led him to explore destinations far and wide, fine-tuning his love for fly fishing. While Jake enjoys the pursuit of fish of all sizes, nothing quite matches the exhilaration of casting a hand-tied fly at formidable redfish.

Whether you're seeking an action-packed fishing trip or a laid-back outing filled with laughter, Jake guarantees a memorable experience. As an Army Vet, he's living his dream of sharing the water with others, warmly welcoming enthusiasts of backcountry, inshore, nearshore, and fly fishing.

Boats: 24’ Lake & Bay Back Country Tower Boat, 24' Hanson Center Console Tower Boat.



Captain Blake was brought up on and around the waters of Anna Maria Island and Tampa Bay and realized early on that his passion was saltwater fishing. After graduating from Roanoke College with a Business/Finance degree and working for a few years in the corporate world, Captain Blake made the decision to pursue a career on the water.

Earning the title of 25-Ton Master Captain, Blake set his sights on running fishing charters full-time. Whether it’s inshore fishing around the Anna Maria Island, fishing lakes in the mountains of Virginia, or the coastal species in the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic, he is always in pursuit of the most well-known game-fish that the waters have to offer.


When he's not on a charter, you can almost always find him out on the water scouting the next honey-hole; on the rare occasion that he's not, you will probably find him at a reggae concert in the area. 

Blake will be the first one to tell you that it's no longer catching fish himself that excites him, but rather he loves the thrill that comes when others on his boat are reeling in fish. He would be content with never catching another fish if it meant that he could see his customers happy and catching fish every day.

“For me, the reward is seeing people smile and laughing; that’s what it’s all about. Leave your worries at the dock and lets get after it!”

Boat: 24' T-Craft


ami charters michael boat_edited.jpg
ami charters michael_edited.jpg

Captain Mike, a third-generation fisherman from Bradenton, FL, has dedicated his life to the waters. From an early age, he was drawn to the allure of the ocean, mastering the art of fishing everywhere—from shallow waters to the deep-sea. During his teenage years, Mike's enthusiasm shifted towards guiding clients through the bay and the lush grass flats, specializing in catching snook, redfish, trout, gag grouper, and mangrove snapper. His early foray into competitive fishing saw him vying against Florida's west coast's best anglers, where his unwavering determination led to multiple championship titles.


Outside the tournament and charter seasons, Captain Mike diversifies with commercial fishing ventures in the colder months, ranging from cast netting mullet to managing stone crab traps. His deep-seated passion for the sea remains undiminished, making it an integral part of his very essence.

Boat: 24' Hanson Center Console


ami charters justin.jpg

Captain Justin has been fishing the area since he was a little boy and spends over 200 days a year on the water.   

Justin has been a full time local firefighter for over 20 years and loves the water just as much as his career in public safety. He wants to give people the best experience possible and to pass along his knowledge and love of fishing to everyone on the boat. 

Whether you’re looking to cruise our local area or fish for snooks, reds, trouts and even the famous tarpon- Captain Justin will be happy to have you aboard the spacious 27ft T-Craft.



Captain Rich Ahrenkiel has been exploring Anna Maria Island for over a decade. He finds joy and appreciation in the beautiful eco system in the area, where he can tell you all about the mangrove lined wetlands and wildlife habitat, which he will have you know boasts over 200 species of shorebirds and raptors, otters, dolphins, manatees, and countless species of fish.

Rich enjoys both fly fishing and conventional tackle and has a love and passion for inshore fishing. To him, not a whole lot beats targeting snook on the fly. Captain Rich provides guided fishing and boat tours to help acquaint visitors with the area and give them an appreciation for all it has to offer. Always brimming with laughter and smiles, Rich's enthusiasm is infectious, and he relishes the opportunity to share it with everyone he meets.

Boat: 24' Center Console Robalo



Captain Tony was born and raised in Michigan and has been a licensed captain since the age of 18. At the age of 18 Tony began his first business guiding on the waters of Lake St. Clair for smallmouth bass. He has been featured in the Detroit Free Press, ESPN The Magazine, and numerous fishing publications over the years. As an apprentice to some of the best fly fishing captains in the country, Tony spent the majority of his early years fishing in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and New Mexico. At the age of 17, Tony’s mentor and friend took him under his wing and gave him a job as a grunt in the tundra of Southern Alaska where Tony became a professional guide. In 2006, Tony moved to San Diego and launched San Diego Pacific Adventures. He fished the Pacific Ocean for Bluefin, Yellowfin, and Albacore along the Baja Peninsula.


In 2013, Tony moved to Miami and launched Miami Light Tackle Adventures. He fished offshore for mahi mahi, tuna, kingfish, sailfish, and other various pelagic fish until moving to Anna Maria Island in 2016. He is now fulfilling his lifelong dream of living on the gulf coast of Florida where
he feels the fishing is most active. He loves meeting new people, delivering the best in customer service, and sharing his worldwide knowledge of fishing.

Boat: 27' Whitewater

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