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Fishing Cheat Sheet: Anna Maria Island

The fishing around Anna Maria Island is pretty great year round, but learning the ropes yourself can be a little daunting when first starting out. I get quite a few inquiries about how to catch 'x' species so I've decided to compile a list below of various species and my preferred set ups and baits/lures for each. Each set up made need to be tweaked depending on water clarity and depth, but this is a good starting point for each. Hope this list helps and tight lines! Snook (size 1 circle hook w/ 5.5 ft 20lb. leader with a 6 inch 40lb. tippet or a size 2 hook with 6ft of 20lb leader if fishing in really clear water or spooky fish) 1. Live shiners 2. Cut ladyfish (for the big boys) 3. Live Pin

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