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The Coolest Fishing Video We've Ever Seen

Ah, mullet: the fish commercial fishermen in the old fishing village of Cortez live for and my personal favorite bait to use for Anna Maria Island fishing.

The mullet run along the Florida gulf coast is as much a season in our lives as it is a sight to behold--and this drone video shows us this phenomenlike never before! As these fish begin to ball up and create what we call "blacks" (see the video below and it will make sense), apex predators from all over hone in for their yearly smorgasbord while the mullet fight for their lives to make it out to open sea and spawn.

While this video was produced by BlacktipH (they make a lot of great videos so check out their channel on YouTube), it is very much like this along Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key during the mullet run so come on down and book your trip today!

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