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Anna Maria Island and Egmont Key Fun Runs

While the passes are chocked full of boats, it pains me to simply cruise by a school of rolling tarpon without even taking a shot at catching them--until I see how happy my fellow passengers are. They laugh and joke with each other while enjoying a few beers as we head two miles off the coast of Anna Maria Island to Egmont Key where they will have an entire island nearly to themselves to explore, swim, and lay out on the white sandy beach.

Full of wildlife and trails, it is everything one would imagine a secluded island only accessible by boat to be and it's trips like these that remind me how lucky I am to work and live in this area. Add to it that Egmont has a storied history ranging from hurricane survivals to war and power grabs, and you have yourself some pretty interesting conversation while exploring old fort remnants and remains.

So whether it's sitting on a secluded beach sipping your beverage of choice, swimming in tropical waters, or exploring historic remains and seeing an abundance of wildlife, Egmont Key has a little bit of something for everyone.

Book your fun-run today and enjoy all that Anna Maria Island and Egmont Key have to offer!

Egmont Key boat tours

Egmont Key and Anna Maria Island boat tours

Egmont Key and Anna Maria Island boat tours

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