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3 Days of Variety Draws to a Close // Anna Maria Island Fishing Report

To say that the last three days of fishing with Shawn and Cris were diverse, would be an understatement. Many fish were caught (redfish, snook, jack, blacktip and sharpnose sharks, mangrove snapper, barracuda, etc.) and needless to say, Shawn and Cris are now hooked on Anna Maria Island fishing. Here's how you can go out and do the same:

Shiners are the ticket right now for nearly everything. I recommend using 20lb. flourocarbon leaders, hooking the shiners through the nose and hammering the mangroves and passes for redfish, snook, and jacks. Step your line up to 50lb. or use a long shank hook for the barracuda, if that's your flavor (who doesn't like barracuda when they aren't stealing your fish?)

As for the shark, I've been using a 4 foot length of wire with larger circle hooks (8/0) and using either mullet or jacks as cut bait. Just toss it out, leave the bail open, let it drift slowly and wait for the line to start ripping out. After giving the shark a solid five seconds to run, close the bail (with sufficient drag set) and hold on! (Remember to keep the line tight at all times as we ran into many sharks over the past few days that ran right toward us).

Book your trip today and get in on some of the hot fishing as tarpon are beginning to show up, too! (oh, and the sunsets never get old).

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