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Anna Maria Island Fishing Report // April 1, 2017

If I posted a picture of every fish we caught this day, I would need a larger server. It was absolutely on-fire--quite possibly one of the best days fishing I've ever been a part of, as far as numbers are concerned. The trout were on the end of our lines more often than not, and the snook were holed up in along the mangroves making them easy targets. That and they were all eager to eat and hungry.

And the best part? It's only going to get better as we move further into spring!

Get out there and wet a line!

Live bait: shiners on size 4 hooks, using 20lb flourocarbon

Artificial bait: spoons, jigs, and plastics (I like the Gulp! New Penny shrimp)

Flies: Chartreuse and white or olive and white shiner patterns (clouser minnoes, deceivers, etc.) -- fish in close to mangroves during high tide and out over potholes on the flats during low tides. And remember to always try to time it up so that you are fishing a moving tide.

Tight lines!

Trout Fishing // Anna Maria Island, FL // Fishing Report

Snook Fishing // Anna Maria Island, FL // Fishing Report

Birds and Pelicans of Anna Maria Island Florida getting excited about a free meal

Anna Maria Island Sunsets

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