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Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Feburary 2020

February can be a very unpredictable month as far as the fishing is concerned near Anna Maria Island (as it is everywhere on the sun coast area of Florida). The gulf water is typically clear and fish are in the struggle to find warmer water, but it can make for some great shallow water sight-fishing opportunities (personally, my favorite way to target fish this time of year).

Mostly fishing out of my poling skiff, I’ve been doing very well fishing schools of redfish and shallow water snook using artificial lures, shrimp, and, for those who dare to chase after fish the most challenging yet rewarding way, with a fly. 

If you haven’t given it a try, there is not a whole lot that compares with the process of stalking a fish, casting at it, seeing it eat your offering, landing the fish, and then watching it slip back into the water until its colors become flashes, the flashes become an outline, and then the outline blends in with the sea grass and dark contours of a flat or mangrove line. 

Now, if you aren’t into fishing for sport and are looking to fill the cooler there are other options to go with other than what I just described, then targeting sheepshead and spanish mackerel are your primary options. Both are delicious, and both do provide a pretty fun fight.

This years February was warmer then most, and the snook fishing really started to heat up at the end of the month.

Mid February on felt more like March and a lot of inshore slams were caught with the water temps reaching to the upper 70’s. This is primarily all frontal driven, but no matter the weather our guides will always make there best judgement calls the keep everyone safe and give you the best chance at having a great day. 

Don’t let the rumors of fishing in February keep you away from our beautiful sun coast--especially if you want to try something unique and new. We offer a shallow water fishing experience that very few people can out of our poling skiff that lets us go places you just can’t go in a bay boat. So what are you waiting for? Book a trip online today and let's get out there!


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