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The Seasons Are Changing: October Fishing Report

Anna Maria Island fishing is always changing with the seasons, but always good--and the seasons are certainly changing. The fishing in October was a blast and I'm finding that every time I think that I have found a new favorite fishing season, I end up changing my mind the following month anyway (although, Spring will always have my heart).

As the temperatures have started to cool, look for some of the pelagic species (i.e. bonito--see picture)

to move further offshore or south and the inshore species to start moving further inshore away from the beaches (i.e. snook).

Schools of redfish can provide hours of entertainment as they prepare to spawn, and the snook are eating pretty aggressively right now (I've been having a lot of luck on jerk baits and DOA shrimp on a strong out going tide as well). On the fly I prefer a crab or baitfish pattern, but my all-time favorite redfish fly is the Duprey Gold Spoon Fly--very effective.

Stick with 20-25 lb. fluorocarbon leader on your set ups, and hook sizes 2-4 when fishing with live bait and you should have no problem getting a bite. Always remember to fish up-current of any structure that you are fishing.

Also! With the cooler temperatures and an abundant amount of crab buoys present, don't pass the buoys up without giving them a look to see if there is a triple-tail lurking beneath as these are not only fun on a fly rod or light tackle, but are quite tasty on the grill!

Keep those lines tight and don't let the cooler temps (60's and 70's, I know, I know) scare you away from some great fishing!

Capt. Scott

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