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AMI Fishing Report: On Fire In The Wake of Irma

Fishing on Anna Maria Island has been lights out since the storm--and it's not FPL related.

It took a morning and an afternoon following the storm to really get things dialed back in around the area, but once it clicked: it clicked.

The snook are stacked up in piles right now. If you find the right areas (along the beach and along mangrove lines in the bay) you can have an absolutely stellar day on the water. And if you stay until sunset, you can even find some really nice juvenile tarpon rolling around.

Tackle recommendations:

Conventional: 20# fluorocarbon leader with size #4 J hooks. Use a non-slip loop knot to give the bait/lure more lively action and freedom to slide around. The larger the bait, the better.

Fly fishing: Use 20# leaders as well, with chartreuse and white bait fish patterns ranging in size until you find the sweet spot (hint: if fishing dock lights, use the smallest fly in your box). When fishing for the juvenile tarpon on the fly, sight casting is infinitely more effective. Wait until you see one roll or boil on the surface and immediately cast in front of it. Lead the fish, get that fly within 4" of its face and hang on. An 8 weight is perfect for these guys!

Have fun out there!

Capt. Scott

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