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The Importance of Chartering and Peace of Mind

One of my recent clients told me that the last saltwater charter they had booked with someone else prior to me was a bit nerve-wracking as they did so without knowing what type of boat they were taking out. Needless to say, when the captain showed up to the boat ramp, my clients cancelled as they didn't feel safe climbing aboard.

Another story that comes to mind was my mom admitting to me that she was nervous to go out on trips because she was worried about what to do if she had to use the restroom. Now these aren't things that necessarily come to my mind. But, what matters most is peace of mind for the client so that they can truly enjoy the trip.

Enter good news:

AMI Charters just got a Sea Hunt Triton! A 22' boat, it has great seating options to fit 6 comfortably, rides dry and smooth, and is set with outriggers and a T-Top.

The ultimate balance between fishing and comfort, I'm pretty stoked to add this to the arsenal. It's even complete with a porta-potty on-board which comes in plenty handy!

Book your trip online today and hope aboard with peace of mind!

Sea Hunt 22' Triton Fishing Anna Maria Island Charters

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